Jordyn and Tyler ~ November 2005

Tyler the gamer

TYLER AND JORDYN.....VERY CLOSE... click on to enlarge!

Digging for a snow ball


Kids in the snow

Jordyn's Communion

John, Jordyn, Father and Lisa

Kids by a 57 Chevy BelAir in Seaside OR


My kids, Tyler(5) and Jordyn(7)summer of '99, after Ty's pre-school graduation

Jordyn running like the wind after the soccer ball

Jordyn, Tyler, Cousins' Bryan, Nolen and Aunt Lisa

Ty the goalie and Jordyn looking at the ball

Tyler in ole Sacramento sticking out his tongue

Just Goofin'


HEY was outta bounds!!

Jordyn the ballerina

Ty and dad after school


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