ࡱ> JLI7 EbjbjUU ">7|7|E l.......B<<<<,h|BY~p```````  .`````..```.`.``..` Pe*B<vFl)0Y!!BB....1989 944 Turbo Technical Specifications: ENGINENumber of Cylinders4Bore3.94 in. (100mm)Stroke3.11 in. (78.9mm)Displacement151 cu. in. (2479 cc)Compression Ratio8.0:1Maximum Horsepower SAE net247at RPM6000Maximum torque - SAE net ft. lbs.258at RPM4000Fuel requirementUnleaded premium octane ratio 91 CLCEngine designWater-cooled, 4 cylinder in line, front mounted, 2 balance shaftsCrankcase, cylindersLight AlloyValve placementOverhead valvesValve trainOverhead camshaft, hydraulic liftersCamshaft driveSpur belt driveCrankshaftForged, 5 main bearingsEngine lubricationCamshaft driven, crescent gear pumpFuel SupplyElectronic fuel injection, DME controlled, KKK exhaust turbochargerEmission system3-way catalyst, oxygen sensorELECTRICAL SYSTEMBattery voltage12VBattery capacity63 Amp/hrAlternator output115 Amps, max. output 1610 wattsIgnition systemFully electronic, DME controlledDRIVE TRAINClutchSingle disc, dryTransmissionTransaxle, rearNumber of gears5 forward, 1 reverse (Manual)Final driveHypoid driveShift lever locationIn tunnel consoleFinal drive ratio3.375:1CHASSIS SUSPENSIONBody designWelded, unitized construction; double sided zinc-galvanized steelFront suspensionIndependent coil/shock absorber strutsRear suspensionIndependent diagonal trailing arm, one torsion bar each wheelShock absorberDouble-acting, hydraulic shock absorber, front and rearStabilizerFront 22.5 mm Rear 18 mmBrake systemDual circuit, power-assisted ventilated discs front and rear with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)Wheel rimsFront 7J x 16 Rear 9J x 16Tire sizeFront 225/50 ZR 16 Rear 245/45 ZR 16SteeringPower-assisted rack and pinion steeringCoefficient drag0.33CAPACITIESEngine coolant9.0 US qt. (8.5 liter.)Engine oil7.4 US qt. (7.0 liter.)Transmission2.1 US qt. (2.0 liter.)Fuel tank21.1 US gal.Windshield washer tank6.3 US qt. (56.0 liter.)DIMENSIONSWheelbase94.49 in. (2400 mm)Track, front58.20 in. (1477 mm)Track, rear57.10 (1451 mm)Length168.90 in. (4290 mm)Width68.31 in. (1735 mm)Height (unladen)50.20 in. (1275 mm)Ground clearance at maximum load4.92 in. (125 mm)Turning circle - curb to curb33.80 ft. (10.30 m)WEIGHTCurb weight2998 lbs.PERFORMANCETop track speed, mph162Acceleration 0-60 mph5.7 sec.Fuel consumption19 city mpg 27 highway mpg  HYPERLINK "http://themarketingresource.com/index.html" Home HYPERLINK "http://porsche.com/" Porsche of North America HYPERLINK "http://www.356registry.org/" 356 Registry Club HYPERLINK "http://www.pca.org/" Porsche Club of America HYPERLINK "http://www.early911sregistry.org/" 911 Registry HYPERLINK "http://themarketingresource.com/page1.html" Next Page1999 -2003 THE Marketing Resource - All Rights Reserved (*023FGHIJNO_`aghyz{   )*NOP]^$%456CJOJQJ^JaJB*CJOJPJQJ^JphCJOJQJ^J#5B*CJOJQJ\^JaJph33P)*123GIJO`ahz{{\{\{h{w$$IfT0 !0634ab$If$a$E{  d44w$$IfT0 !0634ab$If *OP^Dw$$IfT0 !0634ab$If%56AYZmDw$$IfT0 !0634ab$If6@AXYZlm#%&569:;KLUVWhi/01<=IJK_`qrs  ) CJOJQJ^JaJB*CJOJPJQJ^JphCJOJQJ^JW$%&6:;LVWiPTpw$$IfT0 !0634ab$If018dxhw$$IfT0 !0634ab$If1=JK`rslT<w$$IfT0 !0634ab$If * + ; y z V W < w$$IfT0 !0634ab$If) * + : ; x y z U V W a b } ~       , - . 8 9 P Q R ^ _ v w x      + , CJOJQJ^JCJOJQJ^JaJB*CJOJPJQJ^JphWW b ~     \4w$$IfT0 !0634ab$If  - . 9 Q R _ w x `4w$$IfT0 !0634ab$If    , - 4 I J ttlw$$IfT0 !0634ab$If, - 3 4 H I J O P c d e u v        4 5 8 9 : O P X Y Z j k    ˹˹˰OJPJQJ^J#0J5B*CJOJQJ\aJph jUjCJOJQJU^JB*CJOJPJQJ^JphCJOJQJ^JCJOJQJ^JaJEJ P d e v $\w$$IfT0 !0634ab$If      5 9 : P Y Z k 8h w$$IfT0 !0634ab$If J }}}tkkkkk $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$$a$w$$IfT0 !0634ab$If 67HIJKlm   CDEȻCJOJQJ^JB* CJOJQJaJphKCJaJ#0J5B* CJOJQJ\aJphOJPJQJ^J#0J5B*CJOJQJ\aJph jU  DEA<7$a$$a$$$IfTֈ +F"q8 <m"634a 1h/ =!"#$%Dd,<V  3 HC",(( i8@8 NormalCJ_HaJmH sH tH <A@< Default Paragraph FontT^@T Normal (Web)dd[$\$B*OJPJQJ^Jph.U`. 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